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Factors that led to the Flop of Khaleja at box-office

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Factors that led to the Flop of Khaleja at box-office | Khaleja hit or Flop?

Khaleja is without a doubt one of Mahesh Babu’s best entertainers. Unfortunately, the movie did poorly at the box office when it came out.

When Khaleja, one of Mahesh’s most enjoyable movies, doesn’t do well at the box office, some people frequently wonder why. Let’s now talk about what led to Khaleja’s failure.

Factors that led to the Flop of Khaleja

  1. Expectations: People always have expectations when they go to the theater, unlike watching it when it’s broadcast on television. After the successful blockbuster Athadu, fans and moviegoers had high expectations for Khaleja, Trivikram- Mahesh Babu’s second collaboration. They were eagerly awaiting the movie. Sadly, the movie fell short of expectations. It does not imply that the movie is subpar, But it doesn’t have the expected content. 
  2. Competition: Competition is an important factor in any industry. When two products are in direct competition, consumers will pick the superior product. The same happened here. Just one week before Khaleja’s release, Rajinikanth-magnum Shankar’s masterpiece “Robo” hit theatres. While The reception to the Robot film was overwhelmingly positive, Khaleja got mixed reviews. Khaleja’s box office performance was a disaster as a result of Moviebuffs choosing to watch Robot rather than it.
  3. An inappropriate blend of Fun & Seriousness: Khaleja isn’t a fully entertaining comedy film or a serious action film. A blend of humor and serious elements went awry somewhere. The divine element, which is the movie’s core concept, is classy. But the film lacks the required scenes and content to support the divine element. The movie’s plot consequently failed to hold the attention of the class.  The film also was unable to reach any segment of the audience due to the improper blending of the elements.
  4. Bland screenplay in Second Half: The movie’s intermission is excellent as it sets up an intriguing tale.  Viewers anticipated an exciting second half with intriguing action. However, the second part of the script misses the track somewhere, It looks skewed. Instead of paying attention to the actual track, the director just cared about entertaining the audience.



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